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Products & Services

Cetracore Jetoil, drawing on the experience and expertise of its people, and in collaboration with specialists in the field of research and development of fuels, creates products designed to offer economy, power and safety both to the driver and the vehicle. At the same time, these products are environmentally friendly and make driving a real pleasure.

In Cetracore - Jetoil, we pursue low carbon growth opportunities, responding to the worldwide demand for fewer greenhouse gas emissions, which also reflects the Company’s philosophy and strategy, being consistent with the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. Towards that end, we promote sustainability in biofuels.

Our Products

  • Unleaded gasoline 95 RON
  • Unleaded gasoline 100 RON
  • Diesel (biodiesel 7%)
  • Heating oil

The Company fuels are distributed by tanker trucks, ships or trains and are loaded from controlled distribution points either from Company owned Installations and/or the country refineries.

Cetracore- Jetoil SA, via regular controls ensures that the type and quality of its products and deliveries of the fuels it sells and distributes meet the customers’ requirements and specifications. All products distributed by the Company fully comply with the existing international and Greek specifications.