Market, Clients & Suppliers

Market and Clients

MAMIDOIL JETOIL has approximately 2,500 clients of different capacities. These include petrol stations carrying the JETOIL logo (approximately 600), Independent Petrol Stations (approximately 100), industries, workshops, construction companies, commercial and transport companies, fishing boats, coastal shipping and ocean shipping companies as well as other types of businesses. The Customer Service and Administrative Support Department operates to best serve the company's clients, constituting the link between client – company/sales> Its main objective is to secure the following, through a specified framework of duties:

  • The Sales Department Administrative Support, in order to facilitate and assist the best and most trouble-free operation.
  • Efficient handling of the various client requests / complaints / problems based on the principle of providing high quality service.
  • Providing information and answers to different client questions.
  • Recording client complaints and grievances, resolving and/or coordinating resolution efforts (when the contribution of other company departments is required


In 2009, MAMIDOIL-JETOIL contacted its largest suppliers (which employ more than 100 people) to notify them of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. It provided suppliers with the 1st Report on Social Responsibility and requested information about the suppliers’ own strategy and actions regarding this issue. MAMIDOIL JETOIL will expand this initiative to its other suppliers as well given that CSR affects the entire supply chain.