Who we are

MAMIDOIL JETOIL is an entirely Greek family business. It was founded at the end of the 60s by three brothers, Kyriakos, George and Nick Mamidakis. The company's line of business was storage, transport and trade of petroleum-based products in Greece and the Balkans.

Today, the company is one of the largest companies that trade in petroleum-based products in the Greek market in terms of sales volume and turnover.

 It now controls approximately 600 petrol stations bearing the JETOIL brand and it owns the largest single storage space in the Balkans (not counting refineries) through which the Northern Greek network is suppplied and exports are advanced to the Balkans). It is also the owner of a fleet of 33 tanker trucks to meet the needs of the network, as well as a fleet of 7 privately-owned supply vessels to supply islands and various clients (coastal vessels, ships, fishing vessels, etc) with maritime fuel oil.

At the same time, through its network of petrol stations, it sells lubricants and grease products meeting state of the art specifications. Through its subsidiaries, it has invested and developed in Balkan countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo and FYROM. 


MAMIDOL JETOIL's vision is to develop into one of the most important petroleum product companies in Greece and the Balkans, through various activities in the petroleum sector, gaining the confidence of Greek consumers and beyond through its operations as well as its professionalism and competitiveness. It is a company that contributes to the Greek economy, a company worth working for, a creative company which always looks to the future.

Its objective is to offer customers products of the highest quality, friendly and fast service at competitive prices.

Its mission is to offer the best possible to everyone who is directly or indirectly affected by its operation (shareholders) based on three pillars; People, Society and the Environment.