MAMIDOIL JETOIL has operated consistently and responsibly for more than 40 years in the Greek and international market. 

The company has adopted and implemented the ten principles of the UN Global Compact of which it has been a member since April 2010. Its main pillars is the protection of Human Rights, the elimination of all forms of forced labour, the elimination of all forms if discrimination within the workplace, the promotion of environmental responsibility and the support for the development of environmentally friendly technologies and the eradication of all forms of corruption such as extortion and bribery.

At the same time, the company has established a Code of Conduct concerning relations with Employees, Suppliers and Clients. Also, the implementation of Corporate Governance ensures high moral Management values and the achievement of set objectives.

Since 2008, it has issued and published annual reports concerning Corporate Responsibilitywhich detail company strategy regarding CSR, actions and programs being implemented, as well as goals and commitments on an annual basis.