JET PREMIUM DIESEL: The diesel that keeps your engine new!

JETOIL launched the sale of its new product, JET PREMIUM DIESEL, at a selected number of petrol stations in its Southern Greece network during May 2014. This innovative new product was created jointly by JETOIL and international additive companies and is   specifically designed for new generation diesel motors. The distribution of this product in Northern Greece commenced in November 2013.

JET PREMIUM DIESEL is fuel for drivers who take care of their engines and who basically want a fuel that provides the best possible performance in conjunction with savings in consumption.

JET PREMIUM DIESEL helps clean fuel deposits, achieving engine protection and improved engine combustion. Consequently, the constant use of this fuel will further assist in the maintenance of continuing performance of the vehicle.

JET PREMIUM DIESEL offers quicker and better ignition quality. The improved ignition quality also delivers fuel economy that can reach up to 3.5% depending on the driving conditions.