Human Resources

As an entirely family-owned business, the company has adopted a friendly approach towards its employees and it is confident that anyone hired at MAMIDOIL JETOIL is a member of a large family. The company policy is to offer substantial material benefits to its employees, opportunities for professional growth within the company, support in times of need as well as support for further training.

Within the context of offering to our employees, the company provides employees with health, pharmaceutical and hospital insurance coverage as well as financial help to employees for serious cases in the form of an interest-free loan. Also, believing in the importance of voluntary initiatives on the part of both employees and Management, the company consulted staff groups in Athens and Thessaloniki asking for recommendations for actions "close to their hearts" that the majority of employees would choose to participate. Already at the end of 2009 a blood bank was created in Thessaloniki, under the name of “JETOIL Employee Blood Bank”, in which a significant number of employees participate.