Human Resources / Management

MAMIDOIL JETOIL employs approximately 215 people, allocated over the main operations departments such as Commercial, Finance, Transport, Credit, Accounting, Information Technology, Secretarial, Legal Services, Human Resources, Procurement, Technical Support and Bunkers (maritime fuel), Facilities, Marketing, etc.

MAMIDOIL JETOIL subsidiary companies in Greece and abroad employ around 50 people.

We at MAMIDOIL JETOIL depend on theexperience heavily relying on opening up to new directions through hiring young people who are creative with innovative ideas and willing to work hard and create.

The uniformity and cohesion of the team of people working for us is accomplished through continuous and systematic training on practical issues but also through participation in various activities whose purpose is to strengthen the team spirit, increase staff productivity and leadMAMIDOIL JETOIL and its subsidiaries to the achievement of both financial goals as well as people growth and development.

Another factor contributing to the company smooth and efficient operation is the modern and comfortable facilities making up a modern and functional working environment, where people may work with no distractions and perform to the best of their abilities. All health and safety regulations are observed in all company facilities and special care is given to maintaining a pleasant environment which ensures the smooth operation of the company.

Finally, we should stress especially the excellent relations between our personnel and our clients, which have been built through many years of collaboration and mutual respect. Over the years,MAMIDOIL JETOIL has managed to create a stable relation with personnel and clients, develop its activities and allow its people grow by maintaining a constant interest in new prospects and new ideas, coupled with respect for the experience and dedication of its executives. Continuing on an upward curve over the past few years, MAMIDOIL JETOIL can now be safely described as one of the most modern, robust and dynamic companies in the industry but also one offering an ideal working environment for those who choose to work here.


The company policy is to offer excellent remuneration to its employees, opportunities for promotion in the company, as well as support in times of need.

One of the benefits enjoyed by MAMIDOIL JETOIL personnel, in full compliance with health and safety regulations, is the presence of an occupational physician in the workplace at company facilities once a week.

In addition, all company employees participate in a private group insurance plan offered by the company.