Corporate Social Responsibility

In July 2012, MAMIDOIL JETOIL S.A. presented its 4th Corporate Social Responsibility report in which it describes the company, its beliefs, the actions and programmes it materialized in 2011, as well as its commitments towards Human Resources, the Market, Society and the Environment. Having fully incorporated Corporate Social Responsibility in its strategy for many years now, in this report the Company aims to analytically and thoroughly record its progress on each and every one of these basic pillars, as well as to inform all those who are directly or indirectly affected by its operation (stakeholders). In this 4th Annual CSR report the company once again confirms for yet another year its continuous and uninterrupted dedication on matters of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In a particularly hard economic conjuncture for Greece, that hasn’t left anyone unaffected, MAMIDOIL JETOIL remained dedicated to its target and managed with small, steady and “careful” steps to advance even further. For its progress, the Company exceled for a second consecutive year whilst participating in the national Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index), it received a Silver distinction, as well as a commendation for the best progress in the Silver category.


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