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Cetracore Jetoil facilities

Cetracore Jetoil holds its fuel storage facilities in Kalochori, Thessaloniki, operating since 1971. These facilities now constitute the second largest in Greece after the Refineries and the largest single purely storage facilities in the Balkans, with a capacity of 200,000m3.

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Who we are

Cetracore- Jetoil SA is a petroleum company operating in Greece since March 2018, when Cetracore Energy Gmbh acquired Jetoil, a Greek company which was established in 1968 and dominated the Greek petroleum market for decades being the first privately- held oil company in the country.

Greeting message of the General Director of Cetracore Jetoil
Welcome to Cetracore Jetoil,

Since the acquisition of Jetoil in March 2018, everyone in Cetracore- Jetoil S.A. has been working very hard to bring to you, our valued customers, a new experience, based on a relationship of trust, and making our customers’ lives easier.

Throughout 2018, we had been working on the maintenance of our Kalochori Tank Farm and throughout 2019 we continue its...

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