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Greeting message of the General Director of Cetracore Jetoil

Welcome to Cetracore Jetoil,

Since the acquisition of Jetoil in March 2018, everyone in Cetracore- Jetoil S.A. has been working very hard to bring to you, our valued customers, a new experience, based on a relationship of trust, and making our customers’ lives easier.

Throughout 2018, we had been working on the maintenance of our Kalochori Tank Farm and throughout 2019 we continue its upgrade with major repairs and maintenance on more than half of the storage capacity. In 2018, we also began re-establishing contact with our customers and proceeded in long overdue maintenance and refurbishment of our new gas stations, which is ongoing today as well.

As we rebuild and expand our services together with you, our website is going to be your point of reference to stay informed on our projects and their progress.

Thank you for being loyal to Jetoil all these years and for continuing to travel with us on our journey of growth and development.

Basilio Petkidis
General Director
Cetracore- Jetoil S.A.


Cetracore Jetoil and its business partners established Jetoil Industries in 2019. Our goal is to expand our gas station network while creating a unique Jetoil Community for its commercial partners and customers.

Always committed to offering top quality products and staying focused on our customer needs.

Welcome to Jetoil Industries!

Be excited… as excited as we are…

Stay tuned for more news soon!



Dear Fellow Employees,  

We would like to welcome all of you to the Cetracore- Jetoil era of business and employment. For us, the great challenge ahead is to successfully realize our vision of constant development and ongoing supply of optimum products and services, all guided and inspired by our experience in the field of petroleum products, our determination, and the principles of consistency and reliability our company goes by in the competitive market these days.

Our dynamic entrance into the Greek market was a carefully planned investment. We are aware of and trust our capabilities and potential, and that is why we can commit ourselves to development and success. We believe that with the application of our knowledge, through collective work, the embracement of our ideals, the use of advanced technology, the application of high standards in customer care and services, the future will be standing not just promising but bright.

For us, such a future does not only involve the company as an impersonal organization or mere market figures; for us, it involves our people, those who industriously and persistently work towards a common goal. It involves all the people working for Cetracore- Jetoil sharing a feeling of belonging, stability, security and progress.

We are inviting you to actively participate in the creation of new dynamics for us all. Through your faith and support guided by our expertise, Cetracore- Jetoil can carry out its mission for expansion and reinforcement of its commercial imprint not only in Greece but also in Europe.

We are inviting you to be part of this great future.

Best Regards

Cetracore - Jetoil